Book Review: Winter of the Fisher

Winter of the Fisher by Cameron Langford ©1971

Yes, that is correct… this book was published in 1971. My mother’s church was cleaning out their library and when she saw the book in a stack on the “please take before they get tossed” table, she thought I might enjoy it.

The book follows the life of a Fisher literally from birth through its first year. Fishers–the largest of the marten family–are a ferocious predator, wary and intelligent, afraid of nothing. Although Langford’s story line is fictional, the cast of characters are based in fact. Specific species are examined with accurate behavioral descriptions as seen through the eyes of our main character, the fisher. How the fisher hunts, and kills, is described with detail as if the fisher himself were explaining his technique.

An old man, an Ojibway, who lives alone in the woods and who saved the young fisher from a forest fire, and a grizzled trapper who tries to catch the animal add the human dimension to the story line. This fisher himself is never endowed with human-like traits–Langford does a great job in keeping the fisher wild and authentic, even through all the human interactions.

Winter of the Fisher is an easy but very rewarding read for kids and adults!



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