In the Midnight Hour……it’s a Hoot!

Though the nets were opened at dusk, it was not until the winds had died down and the hands on the clock crept towards midnight that a Saw-whet Owl was caught. I returned to Rushton Farm in Delaware County to join Doris, Lisa, Lou, Sheryl and Lauren for the hourly net check. It was a hoot!

The “Mother of all Saw-whets” – the equipment used to lure them in!

Lisa carefully extracts the Saw-whet Owl from the mist net
With the owl safely in the bag, we make the trek back to the banding station
Doris bands the first Saw-whet
Measurements are taken and data is recorded
Lauren checks the health and fat content of the owl
Much to everyone’s delight, the owl is shown a final time…… 
…….before being safely released.
all photos © adrian binns



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