Magnolia Warbler


In just a few days, birders from all over the world will converge on northwest Ohio. They will observe, photograph, and marvel over myriad spring migrants. Young and old alike will gleefully tick life birds off of their lists and share stories and photos of what they have seen.

Friends Happily Posing At Magee Marsh


The Biggest Week in American Birding is one of the largest festivals of it’s kind. Dubbed the “Warbler Capital of the World” the Black Swamp, and specifically Magee Marsh Wildlife Area and other nearby state and local parks, are a hotbed for spring migrants stopping to rest before continuing their journey north over Lake Erie to breed.

Northern Parula


Wildside is excited to be a part of this incredible festival. We will have amazing guides there to help answer any questions you might have about all of the wonderful birds surrounding you. Owner Kevin Loughlin will be teaching an “Intro to Nature/Bird Photography” course. Our guides will be leading field trips and teaching folks about the birds and other wildlife in the area. We’re also going to have an amazing contest throughout the week, giving you a chance to both get interactive with our guides AND have a chance at winning a 2 FOR 1 trip from Wildside. What an amazing opportunity!


Baby Eastern Screech-Owl


Ultimately, there are many reasons that one might venture to the festival. Five years ago, the first time I ever attended the festival, it was strictly about the birds. I was awestruck at the sheer numbers of birds, and their beauty. I was overwhelmed by the colors and the call notes. I was overcome with emotion that something this amazing could be this concentrated in one magical place.

Summer Tanager


Fast forward five years. Much has changed, yet much is the same. It’s still about the birds. But now, I am awestruck at the sheer number of people I meet and befriend. I am overwhelmed by the love I have received from the birding community and my birding family. I’m overcome by the connections that I’ve made. This festival truly has something for everyone to love.

Mallard Duckling


So starting this Friday, we hope to see you there, making your own memories and starting your own traditions. Be sure to stop by the Wildside booth and say hello and sign up for the Biggest Week contest! If you see any of us out and about, feel free to stop us and ask questions. And don’t forget to get selfies with us and comment them to the Facebook post we’ll have set up to increase your odds of winning!

Yellow Warbler


One last note. We’re currently running a wonderful photo comment contest on the Wildside Facebook page right now as a lead up to the Biggest Week. Be sure to stop by the page, have a look and enter for a chance to win some cool Wildside swag!



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