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ALASKA 2014 Trip Report (Part 1 of 3)

  My wife and I arrived in Alaska a few days before our tour group so we could enjoy some time exploring Petersburg and Wrangell. We would be celebrating our fourth anniversary on this trip and this was where we were married… on the bow of the yacht in front of LeConte Glacier! The lastContinue Reading


  If you asked 20 different people to define ‘diversity’ you would probably receive 20 different answers. No matter if we discuss diversity of habitats, of species, of culture, or of race, diversity is a good thing! Ecuador and Peru offer incredible diversity of habitat—from the high volcanic mountains of the Andes, to the PacificContinue Reading

HaPpY BirthDaY National Parks

On August 25, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the National Park Service Organic Act that established, through congressional legislation, a new agency with a mandate “to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and wild life therein, and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such meansContinue Reading

Galapagos Islands July 2013 – Genovesa Island (Morning)

  Known by local guides as ‘the bird island’, Genovesa offers nesting Red-footed Boobies, Great and Magnificent Frigatebirds, four species of finches, Yellow Warblers and so much more! The morning trail we took was fairly easy, except for one short section of lava rock. However, beyond that section the trail rises away from the nestingContinue Reading

Galapagos Islands July 2013 – Mosquera Island

  On arrival day in the Galapagos there we still have a few hours to enjoy our first landing on the islands. This trip, Mosquera Island (between Baltra and North Seymore) offered a great opportunity to get the cameras out and get to work on learning how to best photograph on the beaches and lavaContinue Reading

Galapagos Islands Rules Making Changes

The Galapagos Islands offer a showcase of nature’s wonderments. Home to numerous birds and reptiles, and even a few mammals that are found no where else on Earth, these islands have been protected by both local and international efforts. In January 2012, new rules were put into place, by the Ecuadorian government, presumably to protectContinue Reading

Yellowstone’s Wolves Threatened

When the gray wolf was taken off of the Endangered Species List and management was handed over to state governments, Idaho immediately began slaughtering its wolves, and Montana started responsibly –with a reasonable statewide hunting season, fair chase ethics, and scientifically established quotas for each wolf management unit—but within two years degenerated into anti-wolf policiesContinue Reading

Where would you go if… ?

So many places to go, so little time to spare. How do you decide your next “once in a life time trip” destination? Some people have this whole travel thing down. During their flight home from one adventure they are planning their next. Much of America has only two weeks a year to look forwardContinue Reading

Galapagos Islands 2012: Part 9

After breakfast we had our first wet landing on Rabida’s red sand beach. Our group viewed Caribbean Flamingos in the saline pools and climbed to a couple spectacular viewing areas.             Highlights of our hike included Galápagos Hawk, Lava Lizards, Prickly Pear Cacti with soft spines, diving Boobies and aContinue Reading

Galapagos Islands 2012: Part 8

  A Green Turtle greeted us for breakfast this morning before we took the dinghies to Santa Cruz and the Charles Darwin Research Station. We learned about the issues the islands are constantly facing with invasive species before getting to view the Darwin Station’s Giant Tortoises. We watched the various species of tortoises and iguanasContinue Reading