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Conowingo Dam Bald Eagles

Conowingo Dam

Conowingo Dam, Maryland

After a cloudy week the sun returned on a crisp early January day. While the huge numbers of Bald Eagles seen at Conwingo Dam, Maryland a month ago had dwindled to just a handful, there was still an opportunity to get to see these majestic birds up close.

Bald Eagle eating a Rock Pigeon

We got there just in time to see what turned out to be the only eagle perched along the parking area during our time there – an immature that was finishing off a Rock Pigeon.

Bald Eagle

At times there would be as many as 5 eagles in the air at once, and a couple at their nest high up on one of the towers on the island. After 3 hours of mostly waiting to see if there would be “any action”, an adult came towards us….

Bald Eagle

…..eyed a fish

Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle

….swooped in


…caught a fish


…and headed away


A great way to end a beautiful morning!

Video of Bald Eagles raising their young

I have just been watching amazing footage of a Bald Eagle feeding her day old chicks, and you can to! The first two chicks have hatched and there is one more to come! Click here to see the 24/7 UStream video from a nest in Decorah, Iowa 

ALASKA: Gone Fishin’!

Bald Eagles are fun to watch as they choose their target and head into the water grab their prey. We had many opportunities to enjoy their stealthy approach! Big talons… small meal. This is not always the case however, as we have seen many eagles grab meals much too large for them. We have actuallyContinue Reading

Early Spring at Tinicum

Spring is in the air at John Heinz NWR aka “Tinicum”. A walk around the main impoundment produced many Tree Swallows (above) pairing up, displaying and visiting nest boxes. American Robins, already in pairs, had begun to build their mud nests. An American Goldfinch (above), whose plumage had yet to attain his vivid colors, wasContinue Reading

COLORADO: Gorgeous Grouse and Tantalizing Ptarmigan

What a fabulous show of Greater Sage Grouse this morning! The birds congregated barely 40 yards away from our roadside location, giving great views of all the action. The scenery was stunning, enhanced by coyotes howling in the distance. In the pre-dawn darkness, we were able to discern the bright white chests of 10 oversizedContinue Reading

Bald Eagle Chicks Hatch at Tinicum

Great news… for the first time ever, Bald Eagles have successfully nested and hatched two chicks at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum, Philadelphia. Female Bald Eagle at nest with 2 young – April 3, 2010  © Bill Buchanan It has been several years now that Bald Eagles have been present at the refuge. RegularContinue Reading

Birding Rte 9 in Northern Delaware to Bombay Hook

Marty and I headed south to Delaware early this morning in a tremendous rain storm, with the promise that the rain would be over by the time we reached our first destination. Well almost. Heading down Rte 9 we began at Thousand Acre Marsh, in on-again off-again rain, locating two American White Pelicans that haveContinue Reading

July 4th

Happy 4th of July. With the country awash in patriotic flags, lady liberty and various ornaments to celebrate the birth of the United States of America, I am reminded of how the Bald Eagle became our nation’s symbol. Our founding fathers favored the Bald Eagle (above) for its strength, fierce demeanor and freedom of nature,Continue Reading

Alaska in Springtime?

Most travelers hoping to visit Alaska plan their trips during the summer months in hopes of warm weather. However, springtime in Alaska offers incredible opportunities to view wildlife as the herring spawn gets into full swing. This event that spans up to three weeks attracts not only Bald Eagles feeding on the fish and gullsContinue Reading

A Symbol of Freedom: The Bald Eagle

We have a new President. A shaking of hands, a few words spoken, and our former Commander-in-Chief peacefully relinquished his place as the “Leader of the Free World.” The world is watching as history begins a new chapter for our country. The first minority, a man of color… of immediate African lineage is in chargeContinue Reading