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MINNESOTA Feb 2019: Winter Boreal Birding – day 5

Day 5 / Feb 25 – Sax-Zim Bog 

This morning dawned cold, clear, and quiet. We departed our hotel early, with few words exchanged, knowing this was our final chance to find the elusive Great Gray Owl. We smiled at the brilliant sunrise that flashed double sun dogs. Our vehicle registered minus-16 degrees in the bog, and snow sparkled in the picturesque landscape. While scanning for Great Gray on Route 7, Kathy spotted a Northern Goshawk perched in silhouette against the rising sun. The bird flew across the road and landed again. Scope views revealed it to be a beautiful adult, all gray with a black eyebrow – a rare and wonderful treat!



We chose our route carefully, mindful of snow drifts that hadn’t been plowed off wide open roads. The Northern Hawk Owl continued at its favorite perch on McDavitt Road and also seen in flight. On North Yoki Road, we saw a pair of Canada Jays, and finally found a male Black-backed Woodpecker pecking intently on a stand of half-dead trees. Snow Buntings continued looking for grit on the railroad tracks. Finally, it was time to return back to Duluth. A quick stop at Canal Park, overlooking the frozen Lake Superior, produced a lone female Common Goldeneye huddling in a patch of open water, and a flock of flyover Common Mergansers.



Our winter boreal birding trip ended after exciting adventures, wonderful new friends, and 39 bird species. Mammal sightings included White-tailed Deer, Red Fox, Red Squirrel, and American Marten. Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun!


MINNESOTA Feb 2019: Winter Boreal Birding – day 3

Day 3 / Feb 23 –  Sax-Zim Bog Fueled by Caribou Coffee, we headed back to Sax-Zim Bog in search of Great Gray Owl. Snow swirled early, but temps hovered at a balmy 30 degrees for most of the day. We tracked up and down highway 7, and snow-covered dirt roads, looking for any ‘largeContinue Reading

MINNESOTA Feb 2019: Winter Boreal Birding – day 2

Day 2 / Feb 22 – Superior National Forest, Ely, and Sax-Zim Bog We were up and out early, for the drive north into Superior National Forest on a cold, clear morning. We hoped to reach the remote roads before logging vehicles moved through and spooked any roadside Spruce Grouse deeper into the woods. VehiclesContinue Reading

Ontario – Part 1: Summary

I have just returned from having led a DVOC field trip with 10 members to Eastern Ontario. It was my second such Canadian jaunt in as many months where the northern owls and winter passerines continue to put on a wonderful show. For a change we had 3 gorgeous days of bright sunshine which madeContinue Reading

ONTARIO – Part 4: Ottawa Owls

The Northern Hawk Owl is the only species in its genera, Surnia. Though its scientific name comes from the Greek for ill omen, it is its common name that alludes to the fact that it has hawk like characteristics. Indeed it is different from other owls. With its long tail, pointed wings and direct raptor-likeContinue Reading