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In the Midnight Hour……it’s a Hoot!

Though the nets were opened at dusk, it was not until the winds had died down and the hands on the clock crept towards midnight that a Saw-whet Owl was caught. I returned to Rushton Farm in Delaware County to join Doris, Lisa, Lou, Sheryl and Lauren for the hourly net check. It was a hoot!

The “Mother of all Saw-whets” – the equipment used to lure them in!

Lisa carefully extracts the Saw-whet Owl from the mist net
With the owl safely in the bag, we make the trek back to the banding station
Doris bands the first Saw-whet
Measurements are taken and data is recorded
Lauren checks the health and fat content of the owl
Much to everyone’s delight, the owl is shown a final time…… 
…….before being safely released.
all photos © adrian binns

Saw-whet Owl Banding Field Trip for Kids

On Saturday evening, I joined Debbie Beer who led a joint PA Young Birder’s Club and Delaware Dunlin’s field trip to experience Saw-whet Owl banding at the Hidden Valley Banding Station along the Kittitany Ridge of the Appalachian Mountains. Unexpectedly, the evening’s entertainment was not just provided by owls, but also came in the formContinue Reading

Ontario – Part 1: Summary

I have just returned from having led a DVOC field trip with 10 members to Eastern Ontario. It was my second such Canadian jaunt in as many months where the northern owls and winter passerines continue to put on a wonderful show. For a change we had 3 gorgeous days of bright sunshine which madeContinue Reading