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PA Young Birders: Pottstown Boys & Girls Club

PA Young Birders was recently invited to lead a morning bird program for the local Pottstown Boys & Girls Club.  I was delighted for the opportunity to help connect several dozen kids to birding and nature.  After an introduction and practice using binoculars, the group was soon engaged in watching Chimney Swifts and American Goldfinches flying overhead.   
Our program took place at the town’s first community garden, a project of Mosaic Community Land Trust, which is dedicated to revitalizing Pottstown.  My friend Hannah Davis leads a summer arts program for kids there, promoting this green space as an enticing place for people of all ages to learn about and appreciate the natural world, even amidst an urban environment.

After observing some of the local avian species around the garden, we guided the kids in working on an art project, painting nest boxes with colorful images of birds and flowers.  Some of the boxes would be installed around the community garden, and others taken home for local families to attract birds to their own backyards.
I was amazed and inspired by the group’s interest and enthusiasm, especially for painting the bird boxes.  The program highlighted some of the countless ways to connect kids to nature, through gardens, binoculars, and paint brushes!  I look forward to working with the Pottstown Boys & Girls Club on future kids birding programs, and watching their garden grow!
photos © adrian binns

Extreme Raptors Pennsylvania on TV

In Octber 2011, I along with a group of PA Young Birders were fortunate enough to spend a lovely day at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, accompanied by my good friend James Currie, of Birding Adventures TV. James and his crew were there participating in the Cabela / Nikon Extreme Raptor Weekend, and took time to filmContinue Reading

PA Young Birders: Winter Bird Count

On Saturday, December 17, I led a group of junior birders from Rushton on the first of two PA Young Birders Winter Bird Counts this season.  We enjoyed a busy morning with a variety of activities to engage the kids in the excitment of winter birding. The morning began with a brief powerpoint presentation explainingContinue Reading

PAYB at Riverbend EEC

PA Young Birders Club continued its busy weekend with a morning outing at Riverbend Environmental Education Center in Gladwyne, PA. We guided a bird walk for a small group. The 30 acres property, along the Schuylkill River, featured several different habitats with ample opportunity to learn about open meadow species such as bluebirds; robins eating crabapples; woodpeckersContinue Reading

A Beautiful Autumn Day for PA Young Birders

On this gorgeous autumn morning, kids were excited to participate in PA Young Birder activities at both Rushton Woods Preserve in Chester County, and John Heinz NWR in Philadelphia. At Rushton, Adrian, Blake and Lou facilitated a program about cavity-nesting birds. The three girls handled power tools with care, knowledge and enthusiasm, to construct aContinue Reading

PA Young Birders at Rushton Woods Preserve: Beaks and Birds

The PA Young Birders at Rushton Woods Preserve enjoyed another wonderful outing at this Chester County gem on Wednesday, July 13.  A dozen enthusiastic kids joined us to learn all about bird beaks and feeding habits, a fascinating topic. Blake had set-up different stations which the kids visited to “fill their crops,” i.e., get food!Continue Reading

Rushton Farms hosts PA Young Birders

PA Young Birders guided 15 kids this morning in a successful introduction to birding program at Rushton Farms in Chester County. Kiera, who is working towards achieving her Eagle Scout, taught an outstanding lesson on bird migration to the enthusiastic group. Employing a “connect the dots” strategy on maps, the kids plotted migration routes of variousContinue Reading

Saw-whet Owl Banding Field Trip for Kids

On Saturday evening, I joined Debbie Beer who led a joint PA Young Birder’s Club and Delaware Dunlin’s field trip to experience Saw-whet Owl banding at the Hidden Valley Banding Station along the Kittitany Ridge of the Appalachian Mountains. Unexpectedly, the evening’s entertainment was not just provided by owls, but also came in the formContinue Reading

PA Young Birders Trip Report – Barnegat Light, NJ

Getting great scope views of winter ducks! Better late than never! This trip report was from our January 9 PA Young Birders Club field trip! Eleven kids and their families, including students from Kevin’s sister’s Kim’s Project Eagle, braved the frigid temperatures and wind on this sunny morning to walk the jetty at Barnegat Lighthouse. Continue Reading

Cradle of Birding and the PA Young Birders

The PA YOUNG BIRDERS CLUB participated in a special event on Saturday September 19 — the 9th annual Cradle of Birding Festival in Philadelphia.  The festival attracted nearly 1,200 people mostly from the local area, to enjoy myriad festivities at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum, in Philadelphia. Kevin Loughlin, Adrian Binns and DebbieContinue Reading