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Puerto Rico – Day 2’s best photo!

Puerto Rican Woodpecker

We added quite a few more endemics to our list today, including this very cooperative Puerto Rican Woodpecker who was excavating a nest in a power line pole at Cambalache Forest near the northwest coast.

From Cambalache we drove southwest to Maricao and saw the Elfin-woods Warbler, our target for the area. They were not as cooperative for photos, however, and all I got was a wing in one shot and an eye and tail in another. Oh well, I’ll be back again next week to try again!

text and photo © Kevin Loughlin

Puerto Rico’s Endemic Birds

Puerto Rican Nightjars are best found in the Guanica Dry Forest in southwestern Puerto Rico. Endemic species, those species restricted to a particular region, are always a target of birders. Island nations, like Puerto Rico, are typically a location expected to have a number of endemics. Puerto Rico has about 17 endemic birds. I sayContinue Reading