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Zambia Nov 2017: Toka Leya

Transferring by bush plane from Zimbabwe to Botswana we had a brief one-night stay in Zambia at Toka Leya. Set within Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park on the banks of the Zambezi River, the beautiful tented camp is perfectly situated for a sundowner cruise towards Victoria Falls.

Though one cannot get close to the falls, we enjoyed excellent views of Rock Pratincole, Water Thick-knees and boisterous White-crowned Lapwings standing along boulder-strewn rapids.

We were delighted to tick two sought-after African specialities: Finfoot and Skimmer. The Finfoot moved among overhanging vegetation hugging the shoreline, while the Skimmer loafed on sandbars with their well-grown chicks.

In our well-positioned boat, we watched a colony of White-throated Bee-eaters zip over our heads and rest on bare branches, right before they headed into their burrows for the night.  We were impressed by the strength of a herd of Elephants swimming across the mighty Zambezi.

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Zimbabwe Nov 2017: Mana Pools NP

  Our 12-day African safari began on the eastern edge of Mana Pools National Park in northern Zimbabwe. From our bush camps at Ruckomechi and neighbouring Little Ruckomechi, we enjoyed exploring a range of habitats teeming with wonderful wildlife. Elephants were among the first to greet us, as they roamed freely amongst the tents. WeContinue Reading